Time Schedule
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Have your strategic plan made in 3 months! challenge to win

Process, Weeks, Responsible person

1. Data Collection 1-3 weeks

2. Data Analysis 2-5 weeks

3. Benchmarking 1-4 weeks

4. Education 1-5 weeks

5. Create basics of Strategic Plan 5-7 weeks

6. Work out Strategic Plan 6-9 weeks

7. Implementation of Strategic Plan 7-12 weeks

8. Work out other plans (marketing...) 8-18 weeks


challenge to win



1. Preparation for the project

2. Data collection

3. Data analysis, planning

4. Implementation and evaluation

Strategic plan has to be based on the company's mission statement, vision statement, and the results of customer surveys. All other plans, such us marketing, business, financial... plans have to be based on the strategic plan. 

1. Preparation for the project, study the following chapters from the CD:

    1. Initial company evaluation (17 slides)
    2. C Using a process/methodology for revitalization and restructuring
    3. Approach to enterprise revitalization (95 slides)
    4. Approach to distressed enterprise restructuring (228 slides)

I Additional reference material (37 pages)

Generic Strategies, PIMS, Experience Curve, KSF, SWOT, Value Chain, 7-S Model, Tools from the supplement

challenge to win

2. Data collection, study the following chapters from the CD:

D Collecting the Data

3. Data analysis, study the following chapters from the CD:

E analyzing the data, evaluating current strategy and developing strategic options

F (Reviewing the internal environment - performing the marketing, resource, manufacturing and financial audits. Also reviewing the external environment - examining the political, social and economic factors; and performing the market, competitive and technological analysis)

Choosing a strategy and developing an implementation action plan

      1. Strategic/Organizational assessment (33 slides)
      2. Business Process Re-Engineering 1& 2 (103 slides)
      3. Total Quality Management (182 slides)
      4. Marketing planning (18 slides)
      5. Sales and marketing management (34 slides)
      6. Developing business plans (18 slides)

4. Implementation and evaluation, study the following chapters of the CD:

G Assisting in Implementation and follow-up (34 slides)

H Conducting a project evaluation (3 slides)


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