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QUICK FAQ challenge to win.

Proactive Managers don't fool around.

Quick answers for your straightforward questions:

1. What do you want to sell me?

Instant power to beat your competition. An Information Manager CD, helping you in almost every business subject (BPR, Strategic Planning, Marketing, TQM, Benchmarking...). For content click here. If you are really busy and want to have the power urgently to beat your competition, check the CD out! You will not have to go hunting for business information anymore!

2. What can the CD do for me?

To serve you with proven useful business information. The CD is an well-organized body of business knowledge at your fingertips; you can start to use it right now as an assistant, reference tool, education tool for keeping your company competitive and proactive. Selected, brief parts of the chapters are available for you to download.

3. How much is it?

For a limited time it is only a fraction of your monthly salary, $392 including shipping & handling. Act now, take on our challenge, to win up to $100 off the price. challenge to win.

4. Does the CD worth the price?

We believe so, since the CD has virtually all the necessary know-how to make your company more competitive quick. For content click here. Ten experts were working hard on it for months to save your valuable time. The CD has 2,000 slides in PowerPoint presentation format (more than 20MB) for instant use, saving you months of tiresome footwork. You can view brief summaries of many chapters.

5. How can I check on the CD?

From our homepage you can download several chapters' summary from the CD. Please read the introduction, faq chapters first. If you need more information, please send email to us: arpadbodo@hotmail.com

6. I am interested, what to do?

1. Explore-check out all the downloadable information HOME

2. Think-how quickly and efficiently you can use the given information?

3. Act-place the order to BPRpro, using the order form


challenge to win.

Thank you for spending your valuable time with us!