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 Welcome to the homepage of the real proactive business leader.

Become more competitive, making/improving your own customer driven strategic plan the easy way.

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Cost of no strategic planning


You will find here


Ready? Go! You will need only a few minutes.


1. Leave the keyboard for a few seconds and put your arms together (cross)

2. Put your hands down

3. Put your arms together the opposite way (cross)


I am sure to do it the opposite way was difficult for you just like for all of us, because we are all accustomed for 1, the regular way. We think, we all know the answers but we do not (this is reality). By a recent survey only 10 % of the end users are asked if they are satisfied with goods and services. Although everyone knows that the customer is first, only 10% lives up to it. Surely you can see the enormous potential of using customer driven strategic planning (it is based on the customers' perception of your services).

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You as a proactive business leader are familiar with the followings


No One is able to keep this vast information in his/her head. All we need is an information manager, keeping the information selected, easily accessible and instantly usable. BPRpro, using the material, developed by Bob Dahlin does it for you. He as an Arthur Andersen US consultant with 38 years of management, consulting experience, selected and put into a logical order all the necessary information to create and implement a customer driven strategic plan, revitalize the company... The information is saved on a CD with a user friendly navigation program. The CD has 2000 slides (20MB), it's business value is estimated for $1,000. At this moment it is available for an introductory price of $392 (a fraction of your monthly salary) for multiply users. You can save up to $100 off the price:challenge to win if you take on our challenge.


Customer driven strategic planning is a must for.



  1. Data collection for strategic planning
  2. 1. Inside customers

    2. Outside customers

    3. Benchmarking

  3. Data analysis for strategic planning
  4. Strategic planning

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Content of the CD

      1. Senior management questionnaire (qualitative data) (19 pages)
      2. Initial data collection tool (quantitative data) (52 pages)
      1. Customer perception evaluation (market/key customer data) (7pages)
      2. Benchmarking (competitors, best practices) (25 slides)

Generic Strategies, PIMS, Experience Curve, KSF, SWOT, Value Chain, 7-S Model...



The subjects touch on almost all business related issues, in presentation format in color if desired. The information is based on the most recent, proven management techniques. Important parts of chapters' can be downloaded and used at no charge for your convenience. We are using the approach, as you were an outsider consultant analyzing your company. This approach will help you tremendously to be objective.

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The CD is an easy to understand, organized body of knowledge, which can be used instantly as a reference material or for your employee's education. By recent surveys the key to a successful BPR is:


It is your turn now. You can order this valuable CD to use it right away for the fraction of your monthly salary, saving you months of hard work.


HOW TO ORDER: For safety reasons please do not give your credit card number via the internet, let your bank deal with our bank, just simply transfer USD 392 (please deduct your winning, up to $100 challenge to win) to our account. Shipping and handling charges are included. It is that simple and we will deliver your CD the same day. Since the information is more than 20 MB, it can not be downloaded to your email address. You will receive your CD promptly via airmail. order form


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