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  • for Sales Marketing Management Manufacturing Communication Price Strategy
    Strategic Planning for the Proactive Business Leader

    Subjects: A-Z

    Sales, Turnover, Control, Projection


    Challenge to Win Business Plan, Customer Driven Strategic Planning, Information Manager, BPR, Business Leader, Dynamic Process


    Quick FAQ Proactive Manager, Reference Tool, Business Knowledge, Beat your Competition, Well-organized, CD, Explore


    FAQ Mission Driven, Customer, Data Collection, Rule Driven, Data Analysis, Consultant, Implementation


    Introduction Action Plan, Qualitative Data, Quantitative Data, Information Manager, Competitive Edge, Redundancy, Homepage


    Time Schedule Education, Customer Survey, Quality Survey, Data Analysis, Follow-up, Strategic Plan, Promote, Employee, Buy-in


    Subjects: A-Z

    Acquisitions, Mergers, Diversification, CEO, Well-managed, Attitude, Maximizing, Grass-roots

    • Shows why 50% of acquisitions fall short and what to do to avoid failure.

    Balance Sheet, Prime Objective, Position, Up-to-date, Trade Creditor, Contingent, Liabilities,

    • The prime objective of balance sheet review is to ascertain the current financial position of the company.

    Bankruptcy, Action Step, Work Plan, Prepare, Cash Need, Review, Decline, FundingAssess

    Benchmarking, Objectives, Best, Focus, World Class, Speculate, Performance, Stakeholder, Best-of

    • Learn how to avoid pitfalls of benchmarking.

    Best Practice, Best Practices, Business Strategy, Operating Unit, USD, Strategic Goal, Factor, Vision Statement, Vision, Increase, Internal Factor, External Factors

    • Explains best practices, vision statement, and goals.

    BPR, Business Process Reengineering, Evaluation, Symptoms, In-depth, Financial Restructuring

    • BPR step by step, using an excellent information manager.

    Brainstorming, Improvement, Idea, Target, Group Energy, Flipchart, Vertical, Thinking, Organize

    Budget, Budgeting, Administrative Expense, Production, Profit and Loss, Statement, Operational

    Business Plan, Milestone, Financial Plan, Synopsis, Venture Capital, Investment Memorandum, Success, Project, Internal, External

    Cash Budget, Inflow, Outflow, Tax Laws, Dividend Policy, Interest Rate, Investment Plan, Sales Forecast

    Cash Flow, Cash Book, Accuracy, Withdrawal, Completeness, PrudentCash Movement, Item

    • Ensure that the cash flow is consistent with your knowledge of business.

    Change Management, Urgency, Measurable Results, Peer Pressure, Compensation, Assemble

    • Steps in successful change management.

    Communication, Communication Structure, Disruptive Competition, Informal, Culture, Capable

    Competitive Advantage, Cost Leadership, Differentiation, Strategy, Distribution, Manufacturing

    • Is there a competitive advantage, based on a strategy, available for your company?

    Competitive Organization, MSS, Management Support System, Proactive, MIS, Customer Driven

    Cost Management, Cost Analysis, Direct Labor, Social Assets, Decision-making

    • Explains what is effective cost management.

    Cost Reduction, Distribution Cost, Warehousing, Break-even, Cost Reduction Strategies

    • Helps to identify areas in which cost reduction can be implemented.

    Crisis Management, Legal Framework, Cash Crisis, Debt Collection, Fixed Assets, Workforce

    Customer Service, Customer Driven Strategic Planning, Customer Need

    • What is needed to delight your customer?

    Debt Restructuring, Refinancing, Debt Moratorium, Payment Plan, Consolidating

    Differentiation, Focus, Brand Image, Product Feature, Dealer Network, Unique, Porter

    • Describes differentiation, focus strategy.

    Discounts, Customer Behavior, Invoice, Incentives, Early Payment, Offer, Result

    • How discounts can be given to increase sales and cash flow.

    Experience Curve, Strategic Concept, BCG, Accumulate, Component Curve, Range

    Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, External Reporting, Internal Reporting

    • Compares financial and management accounting.

    Financial Analysis, Management Turnover, Loss of Customers, Share Price, Top Management

    Financial Management, Cash Flow Forecast, Budgetary Control, Know How, Economies of Scale

    Financial Ratios, Analytical Tool, Long-term, Dividends, Key Financial Ratios

    • Methodologies available for using financial ratios as an analytical tool.

    Financial Restructuring, Negative Trends, Lender, Short-term, Cash Requirements, Payment

    Flow Chart, Helpful Hints, Business Process, Interrelationships, Sub-process, Document

    • Flow chart is a tool for understanding the actual and ideal activities that any process follows.

    IAS, International Accounting Standards, GAAP, Income Statement, Tax Authorities

    • Why International Accounting Standards are essential?

    Increasing, Decreasing Signs of Crisis, Leverage, Gross Margin, Creditor, Account Payable

    Information System, Business CD, Responsiveness, Interface, Stand-alone

    Information Systems, Data Base, Asset Management, Profitability Analysis, Backlog, Cycle

    Inventory Management, Critical Factor, Working Capital Management, Account

    • Explains why is so important to control inventories.

    ISO, ISO 9000, Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Guarantee, Process Control, Guide

    Key Success Factors, Pricing, Product Design, Management, Maintenance, Servicing

    Manufacturing Strategy, Delivery Speed, Coordinate, Company's

    • Learn how to coordinate manufacturing strategy with marketing strategies.

    Market, Seasonal Pattern, Potential Customer, Market Size, Industry Trends, Rebate

    • A tool to analyze your market.

    Marketing and Sales, Organization Structure, Overhead, Cross Functional, Geography

    Marketing Mix, Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Image, Packaging

    • Elements of marketing mix.

    Marketing Philosophy, Sales Philosophy, Market Segments, Profit Goals, Sales Volume

    Marketing Planning, Market Share, Successful, Information

    • Marketing planning will help you to develop workable strategies to increase your company's competitiveness.

    Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, Segment, Bottom-line

    Marketing, Promotion, Profitable Product, Eliminate, Advertisement

    • Deepen your marketing knowledge.

    Mission Statement, Corporate Values, Europe, Far East, Organizational Structure, Competent

    • Purpose of a mission statement.

    Mc Kinsey7, Framework, Shared Values, Staff, Advertising, Capital Investment

    • Mc Kinsey 7-s model is used for strategy formulation and implementation.

    Overall Cost Leadership, R &D, Research and Development, State of the Art

    Performance Measurement, Workshop, Development, Comprehensive Review

    • Explains the benefits of performance measurement.

    PIMS, Profit Impact Marketing Strategies, ROI, Return of Investment

    • Describes usage of PIMS, profit impact of market strategies.

    Planning, Waiting Time, Complexity, Reduce, Demand

    • Planning enables efficient use of resources.

    Process Improvement, Tool, Improve, Competiveness, Teamwork, Redesign, Strategic issue

    Process MappingOverall Process, Scope, Boundaries, Training, Record

    • How to do company revitalization using process mapping.

    Ratio, Liquidity, Efficiency, Profitability, Expense, Asset, Ratios

    • Ratios to analyze financial situation of companies.

    Restructuring, Company Growth, Business Growth Rate, Distress, Industry

    Revitalization, Tangible Results, Implementation, Enterprise, Methodology

    Sales Presentation, Key Customer, Flexibility, Sales Skills, Major Account

    Sales, Turnover, Control, Projection

    SWOT, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Goals, Change, Resource

    Team, Proactive Business Leader, Inside Customer, Outside Customer

    • Teamwork is about individuals working together to accomplish more than the individual could alone.

    TQM, Total Quality Management, Integrated Effort, Performance, Vision, Technique

    Value Chain, Position, Revenue, Margin

    • Value chain is a way to analyze competitive advantage.

    Working Capital, Tax, Wage, Cost, Income 

    • Why does a company need working capital?



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