Strategic Planning, on Business CD, for the Proactive Business Leader, using BPR
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STRATEGIC PLANNING challenged(limited time offer)

You as a Proactive Business Leader are challenged to answer these ten questions faultlessly. If you can do so, we pay for it as a discount. You receive $10 off of the CD's price for each correct answer (it's up to $100 off). It is recommended to read introduction and faq chapters first.


You can play only once/order and accept our answers as correct answers. Certainly every answer can be challenged but it will lead to nowhere. We will play fair just like you do. From the three possible answers there is only one correct answer. Please mark it and email it back to

Example: 1A, 2B, 3C, 4A, 5B, and 6C...

For each correct answer you will receive $10 off of the CD's price (it's up to $100 off). You get the discount upon your ordering. We will email your score back to you.


1. What is the most important reason to make a customer driven strategic plan?

A-Concentrating on the most important, customer needs

B-Every good company has it

C-It is an important part of the Business Plan

2. What is the cost of not having a strategic plan?

A-The cost is insignificant

B- Crisis management, at the mercy of outside influences

C-It costs less than make one

3. Why is important to use an information manager?

A-It is not important

B-Helps to select and organize business information

C-If I have one, I don't have to work at all

4. What a customer driven strategic plan has to be based on?

A-Mission, Vision and Customer needs

B-On the company's regulations

C-On the circumstances

5. What can make a customer driven strategic planning process and its implementation a success?

A-A good financial plan

B-An excellent CEO alone

C-Active participation of all managers and employees of the company

6. What percentage of the companies asks the end-users about their satisfaction?




7. What are the most important information sources of customer driven strategic planning?

A-Outside customers, inside customers, benchmarking

B-Media, newspapers

C-Last year's financial results

8. What percentage of a top manager's time (by the experts) should be used on strategic planning?




9. Is customer driven strategic planning a dynamic process?

A-No if it is done it is good forever

B-It depends on the circumstances

C-Yes, it needs regular, continuous improvement

10. What is the major difference between BPR and continuous improvement?

A-There is no difference

B-BPR is dramatic, continuous improvement is incremental

C-BPR is more advantageous for the company


Thank you for your participation, please email your answers to:

We will email your score back.


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